The Perpetual adoration has more then 200 years old of history. A history of blessings and grace that has been shed daily over hundred of thousands of devotees that visits the “Holyness Sacrament” to renew their faiths, pray and thanking in prayers.
In the eyes of each son and daughter of god, we realize the satisfaction of being in a place where is possible to reflect about the joys and the distresses of life, and claim for solutions for more grave matters.
The Live Adoration is a way for the people that many times does not live near a church for a number of reasons. That’s why we try to be always online to help those who seek the love of god.
On the year of 2015, in virtue of the expansion of evangelization of Live Adoration, the “Family of devotees” was born, that has as its primal goal to take foward his own achievements and means of communication, always with the goal of helping the ones who need the most, embracing each time more and better ways the netizen while we propagate the Evangelion of Jesus Christ to our brothers and sisters, so we can made the impossible become possible and the far off becomes near.
All of this is possible because of the people that help us monthly through spontaneous donations. People that love Jesus Christ, and are truly grateful to the “Hollyness Sacramento” and want that others to have the same opportunity to receive God’s Word.
You can also be part of this god blessed family which is under the protection of our Lord !
If you want to support our website, help us in a symbolic way by making a donation !

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